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by texasrotorhead


The way points of this motorcycle route:

Seward Junction

Start here. Take Hwy 29 West towards Liberty Hill.

Liberty Hill

Turn left (West) on 1869


Turn left on 1174


Turn right on 1431.

Marble Falls

Turn left on Avenue E. Stop at Bluebonnet Cafe for breakfast.

Marble Falls

Go South on 281.

Hwy 71

Turn right (West) on Hwy 71.


Turn left (Southwest) on 962.

FM 3347

Turn right on FM 3347. Maybe AKA Althaus Davis Rd.

FM 1323

Turn right (West) on FM 1323.

Willow City

Go straight to join Willow City Loop.

Hwy 16

Turn left (South) on Hwy 16.

Eckert Road

Turn right (West) on Eckert Rd.

Lower Crabapple Rd

Turn right (North) on Lower Crabapple Rd.


Turn right (North) to 965.

Enchanted Rock

Take a little rest stop maybe.

Hwy 16

Turn left (North) onto Hwy towards Llano.


Turn right (East) onto Hwy 29.

Buchanan Dam

Park Road 4W

Turn right (South) onto Park Road 4W.

Hwy 281

Turn left (North) onto Hwy 281.


Turn right (East) onto 340A. It's at the Seton Highland Lakes Hospital.


Left turn (East) to stay on 340A.


Stay right (South) to 340 (Mormon Mill Rd).


Turn left (Southeast) onto 341.

FM 1431

Turn left (East) on FM 1431.


Turn left (Northeast) onto 1174.


Continue North on 1174 towards Bertram.

W FM 243

Turn left (Northwest) onto W FM 243.


Finish here. Donut Plus parking lot.

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