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RSS [?] Ride Motorcycle Roads in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
Sat and Sun Rides Combined - Ottawa Valey East fhudon Oct 23rd Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 353.4km
Day trip Darren_K Sep 10th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 248.7km On Road, Scenic, Twisty
Gatineau Park to Wakefield Loop Epidurality Aug 10th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 85.6km On Road, Scenic, Twisty
Quebec pt 1 gjsales Jul 8th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 475.5km
Dwyer Hill Road Loop jgillan Jun 23rd Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 83.3km On Road, Easy, Rural, Safe, Urban
Prov Park Run whatevs5 Jun 17th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 603.3km
South Lavant Rd karl_1052 May 4th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 180.5km On Road, Scenic, Twisty, Poor visibility, Poor surface, Good surface
Passing through: Calabogie
Rockland Hunstville Loop gbarnard Apr 29th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 776.5km
that fridays run losierm Sep 22nd Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 436.9km
Passing through: rockland
Ottawa to lake placid loop losierm Sep 22nd Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 546.2km
Passing through: ottawa
Cannonball 500 - Eastern Ontario DuffG Sep 17th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 518.5km On Road, Smooth, High traffic, Safe, Urban
Mill st. Brew Pub to Val-des-Bois to Mill st. Brew Pub repsol11 Aug 20th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 196.3km On Road, Scenic, Twisty, Rough, Intermediate, Rural, Good surface
Passing through: Mill St. Brew Pub, Gatineau Park, Champlain Lookout Road, Lac Fortune Road, Lac Meech Road, Scott Street - NO SIGN!, Highway 5, Road 105, Road 366, Val-des-Bois, Road 309, Highway 50, Boulevard Labrosse, Highway 148, Boulevard Greber, Mill st. Brew Pub
Carleton place - Calabogie Darren_K Aug 19th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 170.6km On Road, Twisty, Intermediate
Orleans - Gatineau - Chelsey - Wakefield - Cumberland Ferry messierma Aug 8th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 145.3km On Road, Intermediate, Safe, Low-enforcement, Good surface
Parkway/ Champlain lookout Darren_K Aug 2nd Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 87.7km On Road, Scenic, Twisty, Intermediate
Champlain Lookout + Lac Pink + Lac Fortune + Mill St. Ottawa Route repsol11 Jun 16th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 52.6km On Road, Scenic, Twisty, Intermediate, Safe
Passing through: Mill St. Meeting Point, Lac Pink , Champlain Lookout, Lac Fortune, Mill St. Finish Point
Ottawa-Orleans-Morrisburg Vulcanrider Apr 19th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 166.7km On Road, Easy, Safe
Russell to Cornwall via USA Steph Feb 29th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 240.9km On Road, Low traffic, Safe, Low-enforcement, Good surface
Russell to Hawkesbury Steph Feb 28th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 237.3km On Road, Scenic, Easy, Safe, Low-enforcement, Good surface
Passing through: Ottawa
Russell to Morrisburg and back Steph Feb 28th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 105.4km On Road, Easy, Low traffic, Safe, Good surface
Ottawa(Blackburn)-Wakefield-Val des bois-Cumberland Ferry- Orleans Vulcanrider Oct 4th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 186.5km On Road, Scenic, Difficult, Safe, Poor surface, Good surface
Passing through: Blackburn
Small Aviation Parkway Loop whatevs5 Sep 23rd Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 15.3km On Road, Scenic, Twisty, Smooth, Easy, High-enforcement, Good surface, Excellent surface
Passing through: Green Creek Exit from 174, Aviation Parkway Entrance, Exit onto Aviation Parkway, Montreal Road, 174
Barrhaven to Algonquin blitzkrieg76 Sep 9th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 723.2km
Passing through: Barrhaven
Ottawa West/Lanark County Run srck Aug 22nd Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 194.2km
Calabogie Budds9a Aug 19th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 303km
Rockland Val-des-Bois loop gbarnard Aug 13th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 198.5km On Road, Scenic, Twisty, Smooth, Rural, Safe, Good surface
Cover and Wine bouts Aug 1st Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 288.9km
Aviation Museum to Mont Laurier Vulcanrider Jul 31st Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 369.8km Twisty, Smooth, Low traffic, High-enforcement
Stitts-Hawksbury DuffG Jul 5th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 288.2km On Road, Smooth, Easy, Safe, Good surface
Gatineau - Lac McGregor BrunoGatineau Jul 4th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 69.8km

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