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RSS [?] Ride Motorcycle Roads in Sale, Victoria, Australia

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Found 9 routes in 0.003s

Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
trike run derro Jan 6th Australia > Victoria > Sale 1223.3km On Road, Scenic, Twisty, Smooth, Rough, Easy, Intermediate, Difficult, Rural, Low traffic, High traffic, Safe, Good visibility, Poor visibility, High-enforcement, Low-enforcement, Poor surface, Good surface, Excellent surface
lendenow maffra bikerider5 Mar 9th Australia > Victoria > Sale 54.1km
Passing through: maffra
lindenow check point bikerider5 Mar 9th Australia > Victoria > Sale 3.9km
Passing through: glenadale
briag to maffra bikerider5 Mar 6th Australia > Victoria > Sale 25km
cabrumurra ride ozegg Oct 1st Australia > Victoria > Sale 1086.6km
Passing through: bombala, Cabramurra, Walwa, Tallangatta, anglers rest, omeo, return to Sale
WDCSC NCSR 2012 - Day 1 Nil Time Sep 10th Australia > Victoria > Sale 477km
Passing through: Scooterlabs, East Malvern, Berwick, Longwarry North, Buln Buln, Moe, Tyers, Glengarry, Rosedale, Longford, Sale, Meerlieu, Bairnsdale , Bruthen, Nowa Nowa, Orbost, Cann River
Sale to Philip Island Fishy Sep 4th Australia > Victoria > Sale 210.1km
Passing through: vic
Phillip Island alternate - Barry Way manhattanduck Feb 27th Australia > Victoria > Sale 361.1km On Road, Offroad, Scenic, Twisty, Low traffic, Low-enforcement
Passing through: Maffra, Bairnsdale, Turn off for Buchan, FUEL, Buchan, DIRT starts, Suggan Buggan, Snowy River, Turn off for Snowy River Way
Fish Creek to Cowes Day 4 of Sydney to Philip Island Leaving the rest of the day to set up. theirv Jul 16th Australia > Victoria > Sale 106.3km On Road, Scenic, Twisty, Smooth, Easy, Rural, High traffic, Safe, Urban, Good visibility, High-enforcement, Good surface, Excellent surface
Passing through: Cowes
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